Some goals (and a first post!)

11 Oct

Hello all, I’m Kat…

The idea of healthy living blogging is new to me. Sadly (or perhaps not), the catalyst for this blog–something which I view as throwing my hat into a ring already filled with many caring and capable voices–was the now infamous Marie Claire article. I read it; then I read the blogs that it was supposedly based on. And I didn’t see any of the negativity that the writer seemed so intent on conveying. Hey, I used to be a journalist; I know that type of article only comes out of a writer who is angling for something from the beginning.

But I digress.

The Marie Claire article got me reading….and reading….and spending way too much time at work reading these blogs. And this got me thinking about my own health. I’ve always been health conscious; I just didn’t always pay attention that awareness. As my blog title states, I love beer. Love. It. Fall beers especially. Give me a mug of malty goodness and I am a happy lady. But too many nights being glued to the couch, beer in hand, does not engender the healthiest life and body. I can do better.

I am not a natural cardiovascular type athlete. I’ve never been a runner (though I certainly envy those who can). My yoga practice has been pretty much consistent for nine years, but I want to make it more consistent. This is not the blog where I will be recounting my weekly 20 mile runs. I’m just not there yet. I might be one day. I might not be. But finding out is half the fun (as the cliches go…).

So here are some of my goals for now:

  • Drink less! Drinking alcohol will never go away completely for me, but practicing moderation is something I could certainly be better at.
  • Run a ten minute mile. I am super far away from this one (it feels like). Right now, I can do a half mile in 13:36. Yeah, not great. But that’s more than I could do a few weeks ago.
  • Do yoga at least three times per week.
  • Eat a serving of vegetables or fruit at every meal. I’m pretty good for lunch and dinner, but I need more than just a granola bar and a Red Bull for breakfast.
  • Cut down on caffeine. Morning caffeine is not going away, but the mid-afternoon cup(s) of tea could be cut out.

Random awesome fitness thing for the day: While doing my post run yoga, I was able to put my heels completely on the ground during Downward-Facing Dog. I’m such a dork to be excited about this, but I am!  Normally, I get my heels at a 45 degree angle to the floor. This time I was doing lots of leg stretches, which must have warmed up my legs enough because…Bam! I pushed up into Down Dog and both of my feet were all the way on the floor. Best feeling ever 🙂

Exercise Today:

  • 13:36 minutes walking/jogging/running .5 mi
  • 20:00 minutes of post-cardio yoga

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